Friday, April 17, 2015

Worst-Governed and Most Corrupt State of India

Within 3 year rule of Yadava-Muslim junta government in Uttar Pradesh (U.P.) has become the most backward and the most corrupt State of Indian Union. People of the State were fed up with this government within one year of the government in office, hence they voted in large numbers to BJP lead by NaMo when an express promise to dismiss the corrupt and religion-based government was made by Modi's representative and election manager in U.P.. But after coming to power, not only the promise was forgotten, Modi extended his friendly relationship with the Yadava head of the government, and a personal relationship with Mulayam Singh Yadava, the seed of corruption in U.P. politics. Now, any official, person or organization can get any benefit from the government after paying commensurable money to politicians heading the government for which all rules are sacrificed.


While the present government of U.P. has raised salaries and allowances of State Legislators from INR 55,000 to INR 99,000 per month, pension provided by the same government to senior citizens is INR 300 per month. minimum wages for a regular government employee comes to about INR 30,000 per month while Planning Commission of the Nation has estimated that INR 28 per day is enough for survival of a family of common people. Can there be more Aristocratic rule than that is going on in India with the label of Democracy in the State of U.P. Since the Authorities have usurped all the powers in their hands to deal with the people in any way they like, the Autocracy can't be fought out by the suffering people under legal framework of the Nation. Unruly bloodshed of those in power seems to be the only option available to people to correct the situation.

Electricity Supply Administration

Chief Minister of the State is also the Minister Incharge of Energy Department, and is credited to make it the mst corrupt and the lmost deficient in in supplying electricity to people of the State, except to constituencies of Yadava family members and some Muslim dominated areas of the State. For all others, particularly to rural areas, the supply is often in minutes. While the officially declared roster is for 12 hours a day, the average supply duration remains 5/6 hours a day, with the rest diverted to sponsored thefts of electricity for apparent personal gains of officials and administrators of electricity distribution management. Here is an example - Electricity supply during night of 11/04/2015 had been for about 30 minutes to the Author's village Khandoi, for 20 minutes during daytime of 12/04/2015, and for 10 minutes during night of 12/04/2015 up to 6 am time of writing these lines.  A complaint was sent to Helpline and MD of the Discom, but with no results. This reminds me of days of Mayavati rule in U.P. when every complaint used to create a flutter in the officialdom concerned. Yadavas have no regard to public grievances.

Politics of Vote

India's distorted Democracy based on victory of maximum votes rather than real Democracy based on victory of majority votes, usually a political party gets elected to power with support of about 30 percent of the population. Yadavas got elected to power last time with votes of Muslims, Yadavas and some related classes only, and they plan to return to power in the next election too with the same support. For this, their concern is limited to Muslim and Yadava voters only for whom they are doing everything under their control - even with use of all sorts of unfair and mean means. All State funds are being provided to these communities only to retain their support with total neglect of the rest of the population of the State. All public resources of the State are being directed to legislative constituencies dominated by Muslims or Yadavas with a single point program of retaining their support. As a result, about 70 percent population  of the State is miserably suffering under the present government in U.P. State.

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