Tuesday, April 7, 2015

An eBook Relevant to Each of You

The Self of a person is neither his/her body nor his/her mind, neither his/her physical health nor his/her mental health, neither his/her intrinsic characteristics nor his/her extrinsic conduct, but a sum total of all such things forcing him/her to think and lead his/her life maintaining his/her social relationships. Thus, 'The self' is the overall constitution of the person under consideration. It is even more individualistic than the person appears to be for the external world for each of the constituents of the self is individualistic too. If we want to pinpoint one thing that is the closest to the self is the individuality of the person that isolates him/her from all others yet makes him/her part of the society and environment surrounding him/her.

Psychology is the study of a human-being the way he/she thinks and relates him/herself with the external world through his/her speech and actions. Thinking of a person is most often different from his/her conduct, but still depending on it. This proves that the person intentionally creates this difference between this thoughts, words and actions. The psychology takes care of this fact of human life and incorporates in itself reasons of this differentiation.

This makes 'Psychology of the Self' a study of the wholesomeness of a person, leaving nothing to be discovered, to be developed, or to be deployed. Hence the study has to be vast, exhaustive and detailed and go through the minutest information on the person. This is possible only when an individual is specifically studied. Therefore, the eBook 'Psychology of The Self' doesn't deal with the specific information of any individual but paves way for reaching that information when the concepts provided in the volume are applied to a specific individual.

Such a vast study can't be carried out or written about in specific time-frame but goes on for a long period with new frontiers coming to light. The Author had been working on this project for 14 years and writing articles every now-and-then. The eBook is the collection of such articles of the Author written by him on the subject.

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