Thursday, December 24, 2015

Human Life is Superset of Natural Life

Natural life means living solely dependent on Nature on whatever it provides for survival of life or its destruction. A huge number of forms of life exist with sole dependence on the Nature, to survive on food available naturally whenever atmospheric conditions of temperature, pressure, moisture, etc are congenial to life, and get destroyed if the food becomes unavailable or the atmospheric conditions becomes intolerable.

Life has a naturally built-in protective mechanism composed of 'instincts' like those of Survival - running to safety on facing danger, Procreation - producing sexually or asexually own forms of life for continuing the species on the Earth, and Adaptation - changing the self for improving chances of survival through adapting to prevailing conditions. The last instinct causes process of evolution through which different species of life evolved under different situations.

The process of adaptation is much slower than that of destruction of life due to inclement environment. Since changes in atmospheric conditions are fast and many time unpredictable, mass-scale destruction of life takes place very often. To safeguard against destruction of a species on the Earth, the Nature adopts the strategy of producing life forms of every species in huge numbers, so as to save at least a few from mass-scale destruction to keep the existing life-forms in existence. Thus, natural life undergoes mass-scale production and destruction.  

Up to this point, life remains natural but this didn't prove enough. Process of evolution caused development of intellect in some forms of life under some specific situations. The first use of intellect has been walking on two legs to make two arms free for working. Thus, there evolved the human form of life. Working with arms and hands made humans gradually more and more independent from the Nature, which we call the human life.

Next step towards modern human life was seeded by some humans deciding to settle at fixed places for years after years. This spurred a series of activities towards development of modern human civilization. Production of foods through agriculture, protective clothes for covering body, and construction of shelters for safety from dangers of aggressive atmospheric conditions and wild forms of life were the first three steps humans took for becoming independent from extremities of the Nature. This way of life is the beginning of the modern human life.

Objective of being independent from Nature was not to oppose or tame the Nature, but making changes in the self keeping in tune with natural conditions. Therefore, the Nature in its own laws remains part and parcel of human life. Humanity makes only a negligibly tiny fragment of the Cosmos governed by the laws of Nature. Hence, to keep the cosmic activities undisturbed, laws of nature must remain undisturbed. This is why I call the human life as superset of natural life.  

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