Thursday, January 14, 2016

A Thought Wave on Equality and Justice in India

Since independence of India from British Empire in 1947, social, economic and political leaders of India have been talking about bringing people of the Nation at par socially, economically and politically, or in other words establishing equality of people. With this purpose in mind, all adults have been provided voting rights for forming their own government democratically, class and caste based reservations have been provided to people for admissions in educational institutions, for recruitments to government employment, and for positions in legislatures, land reformed have been done as an economic measure for this, social untouchability has been prohibited by law, and a huge number of social welfare schemes have been implemented since then. With all such measures, none of the intended effects has been achieved, but people have been losing sense of discipline, faith in hard-work for better results, and most importantly the sense of obedience to superiors like teachers, administrators, and other revered personalities of the land. These trends in people have been gradually pushing the Nation towards anarchy. Social conflicts have on the rise, economic disparities have been widening, and political irresponsibility and corruption have reached alarming stage. The Nation is in peril for these and other such disorders, needing reconsideration on what we have been pursuing and our objectives as a Nation.


First series of social, economic and political reforms in the Nation for achieving parity brought in anarchy and social disorder driving people away from faith in hard-work for improving their lots. As if this was not enough, second set of reforms drove women away from their basic duties of preparing healthy food for their families and grooming children in their respective homes to make them responsible citizens. For this, reservations for women have been introduced in legislatures and other government bodies, and in government employment. This has made a huge number children living like orphans with both of their parents in race for more and more wealth. Ultimately, they acquire wealth but lose their precious children, hence are losers socially. With women out of their Homes and in public contact, criminal cases of womanizing, rapes and sexual exploitations are on the rise. This is when India has a huge army of unemployed youths.


What we observe in pronouncements of our social, economic and political leaders, as compared to actual results we are getting, indicates towards an ongoing high-pitch drama in the name of governance of the Nation and her people. It is certainly not that our leaders are foolish to fail so miserably in achieving pronounced results, but their intentions are doubtful and they are intelligent enough to pursue their hidden goals and achieving their malicious desired results.
As aforesaid, establishment of equality has been our slogan and objective all these years. Is it the cause for the National peril? We need to ponder over this, or find another cause of the anarchy, we are in.
Equality is against principles of Nature which creates everything unique, different from each other and unequal in attributes like size, shape, etc. All flows of air, water, energy, wealth, etc responsible for continuance of life on the Earth are results of the natural equalities. Imposing equality to any section of the system would therefore jeopardize the system blocking all the essential flows. Therefore, what our leaders have been preaching is impossible to achieve, and if achieved would dismantle all social organism on the Earth. Actually no system can be managed with all its components having functional equality.
What we actually need is justice to all, not equality of all, which is possible through establishing an exploitation-free society which must be the objective and responsibility of the Government.

Justice to All

Justice to all basically means relating individual gains to his/her capabilities and efforts in his/her assigned task. Since, all can't be equal in capability and in making efforts as per the principles of the Nature, the individual gains would also be unequal. But there would not be exploitation of anybody in his/her provisions of gains. In classical terms, it is called retributive justice.
At the moment, whole justice system in India is destroyed with justice available to none but manipulated by the resourceful persons in their favor. Exploitation of helpless poor people is rampant and crossed all human tolerance limits.
Officials in Governments and administration are not, at present, tuned or prepared for providing justice to people for their vested interests are served through ongoing exploitation of people of the Nation. Common people by themselves have not been left with enough energy and struggling capability for fighting for justice for themselves. The situation calls for an organization of individuals with fighting spirit and social conscience for saving India from further decay.      

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