Sunday, January 31, 2016

What is Intuition

Four types of information are stored in Memory of a person - 
Information on Genetic Inheritance,
Information received through Education,
Information received through Guidance from parents and society, and
Information gathered through direct Experiences

All these information are interlinked and amalgamated together to extract the Essence called Intellect of the Person. 
Intellect when applied on a situation is called Intuition of the person on that situation.

Above-said statements are depicted in the Infographic given above.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Happiness through Minimalist Lifestyle

I work only for 6 hrs a day.
With whatever I earn,
I enjoy with family, friends and public for 5 hrs a day.
I do gardening, cook and study for 5 hrs a day.
I relax and sleep for 5 hrs a day.
Beacause I am a Minimalist,
needing very little of only a few things.
I am Healthy,
I am Happy

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Super Food for Continued Youthfulness

After some inking of Vaidic Sanskrita language of Vaidic scripture through my studies and researches of over two decades, I began translating the latest Vaidic scripture on Ayurveda - Bhavaprakash, which came out as being authored by Lalshme, wife of Vishnu and sister (Mary) of Jesus Christ. What the scripture says about healthy practices for humans is almost reverse of what present practitioners of Ayurveda are prescribing to their patients. Important lessons I learned from the scripture are listed here-under.

No Medicine but Adjustments in Food Ingredients

Bhavaprakash doesn't contain any medicines or medicinal plants but only food ingredients and plants commonly produced and grown in India. Non-food plants used by current Ayurvedic practitioners have no mention in Bhavaprakash, but its misinterpretations have resulted in many non-food plants as Ayurvedic medicinal plants.
Bhavaprakash lists each component of a food plant like leaves, roots, flowers, seeds, stem-skin, and processed variations of these as a separate item. Thus, though the plants are few, the list becomes large. Current practitioners misinterpret each item in the list as coming from a separate plant, hence many non-mentioned plants are considered as mentioned in the scripture.

Alkaline and Acidic Food Items

Ayurveda strongly recommends alkaline foods and assails acidic foods except in extraordinary circumstances. Even in such cases, an acidic food ingredient must be taken along with some alkaline ingredient. Two highly recommended alkaline food ingredients are Semolina made from Wheat crust and Barley Porridge. White inner content of Wheat grain is highly damaging to human health for adding to abdominal fat.   

Foods having Hot and Cold Effects on Body

Only food ingredients having cooling effect on body are recommended by Ayurveda, however some warming food ingredients may be taken in winter season or under special circumstances. If taking some warming food becomes essential, it must be accompanied by some other ingredient having cooling effect on body.

Vegetable Oils versus Animal Fats

Ayurveda recommends a purely vegetarian diet for humans, hence prohibits eating flesh and fats drawn from animals. Highly recommended oils are from Mustard and Groundnuts for food, and Sesame oil for body massage. Whole Sesame seeds in roasted or boiled form make good human food for built-in alkalinity in the seed. Even milk and its derivative fat (Ghee) is not recommended for humans under normal conditions. Even under abnormal situations if milk becomes essential, it must be from a Goat only.
About oils, it is warned that once oil is heated up and cooled, it should not be used in any food preparation. For this reason, all deep-fried foods are prohibited. For better use of oil in food preparation, it is recommended that the oil must be thoroughly mixed with other food ingredients before cooking to avoid direct contact of hot pan with the oil.

Use of Water in Cooking

As a principle, food ingredients must be cooked using minimum possible amount of water, so that the ingredients get cooked in steam so generated. While cooking with food ingredients dipped in water, nutrients come out from ingredients to water where some of these get destroyed. Low amount of water ensures the nutrients remaining inside pieces of the ingredients and cooked there, hence remain naturally protected. For this reason, baked foods are more nutritious than boiled ones.

Drinking Water

There can't be any fixed rule on how much water must be drunk at what time. It depends on many factors given here-under -
  • Type of Food intake - dry, juicy or watery,
  • Atmospheric Temperature - amount of sweat discharge from body,
  • Type of Physical Activity - sweat producing or not,
  • Urine-Production - output of urine due to food attributes 

Purpose of water intake is to make the food juicy after providing for sweat and urine outputs from a body. The body gets nutrition from food-intake in juicy form only. The food moves through intestines in pulp form where nutrition is extracted out with refuge sent to anal tube for excretion.
Taking more water than required by the body is usually not harmful for health, but taking less is certainly harmful. Water intake proves harmful only when it is taken by a person being hungry, Similarly, food-intake is harmful when the person is thirsty.   

Shape-based Selection

Shapes of a food ingredient matter in their effects on body, as such an ingredient nourishes a body part of its own shape. For example, Walnuts nourish Brain, Mustard (Brassica) nourishes arms and legs (body branches), Lentils nourish Lens of Eyes, etc.

My Serendipity with Beet Root

In my neighborhood, a woman got a tuberous growth in her abdomen and it had been enlarging for about a year. Doctors advised surgery as the only treatment but the family didn't have enough money for surgery, postponing the operation again and again. She had problems of indigestion and was low in hunger too. To treat her latter problems, I gave her a bottle of Beet Root vinegar which I had prepared myself from produce in my garden. I prescribed a dose of about 10 ml everyday in the Morning which she complied. The vinegar lasted for about two months, at the end of which her family was ready for surgery and went to Doctor. The Doctors scanned her abdomen for knowing the latest position and size of the tuber. The Doctor as well as the patient were astonished on knowing that there was no tuber in her abdomen. Obviously, it was gradually eliminated through consumption of Beet Root vinegar. It is therefore concluded that Beet Root cures abdominal infections.

My Super-Meal

Background Philosophy

Basic principle of Ayurveda is that a food items provides its own attributes to the body. Accordingly, tender and growing food ingredients provide tenderness and growth to body, while matured food ingredients, such as food-grains, provide strength and maturity to body. Hence, food-grains contribute to faster ageing effect on body. An exception to this is Maize food-grain of golden color which is highly recommended by Bhavaprakash for the body to attain golden glow of youthfulness.
Other recommended food-grains are from Beans with Lentils and Green-gram being the most preferred food ingredients. Any other food-grains of Beans family may be taken for cooking but in their whole forms only. Particularly alarming food ingredients are Bengal-gram, Pigeon-Pea and Pea cooked in broken condition for causing physical disabilities.   


Determined to cut-down on matured food ingredients such as food-grains, with proportional increase in tender still-growing food ingredients in my meals, I devised to prepare my meal from all available seasonal vegetables - mainly green leaves and fruits, roots and tubers, added with vegetable oil, pre-cooked whole Bean grains such as Lentils, Cow-pea, Green and Black Grams, some nuts like cashew-nut, and spices like salt, black pepper, etc to taste.

The preparation begins with pressure-cooking of bean grains. Then cut the washed vegetables into large yet manageable pieces and mix with adequate quantity of some vegetable oil such as that drawn from Mustard, Groundnuts, or Sunflower seeds, etc and spices. If leafy vegetables are enough, you need not to add any water to the mix, else sprinkle some water on the mixture. Add pre-cooked Bean grains and nuts to the mix and put a pan containing the mixture on a low-heat stove with the pan duly covered. Let the water content of the mixture convert into steam and cook the vegetable pieces in due course of time. You may be required to sprinkle more water in the pan for preventing burning of the vegetable mixture.
The meal gets ready when all the vegetable pieces are duly softened. Sometimes for a change, a small amount of Semolina (prepared from Wheat crust), Oatmeal or Barley Porridge may be sprinkled on the vegetable mix before cooking.  

Friday, January 22, 2016

About Love, Hugs and Kisses

Love is a psycho-physical subject matter working at both levels of feelings in hearts of two persons for each other and fulfillment of physical needs of each other. Hugs and kisses are its physical dimensions and work as improvers in a relationship. A loving relationship remains incomplete and wanting without mutual hugs and kisses, while a sex-play is not that important. That is why even very senior persons keep on loving each other without sex-plays, but go for hugs and kisses for maintaining the relationship.

Online contacts through social media provide rich opportunity for coming into contacts of persons of varied cultures and backgrounds. Persons in contact may develop understanding about each other, check for their mutual suitability and compatibility, and initiate a loving relationship for maturing it through physical contacts, suitably.          


Taking a person in arms and setting them close to heart is called a 'hug', very popular in all forms of life, like an instinct. It amounts to exchange of body warmth and sensing of body frequency for creating resonance. For affecting a hug, the best way is to press boobs of the beloved between the two chests. The cushioning affect so sensed improves blood circulation in the two bodies, leading to improvement in wellness.


Word 'kiss' has been lightly taken by people in the western world, though they don't practice it like they use the word. A kiss is the most intimate contact of two persons having love for each other. It involves exchange of saliva of the two persons, which affect their feelings for each other. Saliva is the essence made by body from finest part of nutrition received by the body from food and other inputs. Its primary purpose is to keep the mouth cavity tissues moist, soft and flexible for their respective efficient performances in creating voice and facial expressions, and rejuvenating taste buds. Taste buds work as primary sensors of food attributes and signal the digestive system to get ready for accepting the food intake and digesting that. Thus, saliva is the prime necessity of body to get nutrition for its rejuvenation and tissue maintenance and repair functions. Exchange of saliva between two persons creates harmony of two bodies, hence is essential for developing and up-keeping a sweet relationship.

Lips are the primary instruments of affecting a kiss, for which the lips have evolved with a lot of flexibility and manipulation capability. Next organ used in a kiss is the tongue tip entering the other's mouth and caressing inner walls of the cavity to spread its own saliva and pick-up that of the beloved person. Saliva of the beloved is intoxicating to the person cultivating an urge for getting more of it. More the exchange of saliva between two lovers, deeper is the development of the relationship. It is noteworthy here that transfusion of blood from one person to another doesn't affect their relationship in any way, but a kiss does so through exchange of saliva.
This throws light on a loving relationship developed through online contacts between two persons located remotely with understanding each other. Completion of such a relationship takes place only when they meet, hug and kiss each other.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

A Thought Wave on Equality and Justice in India

Since independence of India from British Empire in 1947, social, economic and political leaders of India have been talking about bringing people of the Nation at par socially, economically and politically, or in other words establishing equality of people. With this purpose in mind, all adults have been provided voting rights for forming their own government democratically, class and caste based reservations have been provided to people for admissions in educational institutions, for recruitments to government employment, and for positions in legislatures, land reformed have been done as an economic measure for this, social untouchability has been prohibited by law, and a huge number of social welfare schemes have been implemented since then. With all such measures, none of the intended effects has been achieved, but people have been losing sense of discipline, faith in hard-work for better results, and most importantly the sense of obedience to superiors like teachers, administrators, and other revered personalities of the land. These trends in people have been gradually pushing the Nation towards anarchy. Social conflicts have on the rise, economic disparities have been widening, and political irresponsibility and corruption have reached alarming stage. The Nation is in peril for these and other such disorders, needing reconsideration on what we have been pursuing and our objectives as a Nation.


First series of social, economic and political reforms in the Nation for achieving parity brought in anarchy and social disorder driving people away from faith in hard-work for improving their lots. As if this was not enough, second set of reforms drove women away from their basic duties of preparing healthy food for their families and grooming children in their respective homes to make them responsible citizens. For this, reservations for women have been introduced in legislatures and other government bodies, and in government employment. This has made a huge number children living like orphans with both of their parents in race for more and more wealth. Ultimately, they acquire wealth but lose their precious children, hence are losers socially. With women out of their Homes and in public contact, criminal cases of womanizing, rapes and sexual exploitations are on the rise. This is when India has a huge army of unemployed youths.


What we observe in pronouncements of our social, economic and political leaders, as compared to actual results we are getting, indicates towards an ongoing high-pitch drama in the name of governance of the Nation and her people. It is certainly not that our leaders are foolish to fail so miserably in achieving pronounced results, but their intentions are doubtful and they are intelligent enough to pursue their hidden goals and achieving their malicious desired results.
As aforesaid, establishment of equality has been our slogan and objective all these years. Is it the cause for the National peril? We need to ponder over this, or find another cause of the anarchy, we are in.
Equality is against principles of Nature which creates everything unique, different from each other and unequal in attributes like size, shape, etc. All flows of air, water, energy, wealth, etc responsible for continuance of life on the Earth are results of the natural equalities. Imposing equality to any section of the system would therefore jeopardize the system blocking all the essential flows. Therefore, what our leaders have been preaching is impossible to achieve, and if achieved would dismantle all social organism on the Earth. Actually no system can be managed with all its components having functional equality.
What we actually need is justice to all, not equality of all, which is possible through establishing an exploitation-free society which must be the objective and responsibility of the Government.

Justice to All

Justice to all basically means relating individual gains to his/her capabilities and efforts in his/her assigned task. Since, all can't be equal in capability and in making efforts as per the principles of the Nature, the individual gains would also be unequal. But there would not be exploitation of anybody in his/her provisions of gains. In classical terms, it is called retributive justice.
At the moment, whole justice system in India is destroyed with justice available to none but manipulated by the resourceful persons in their favor. Exploitation of helpless poor people is rampant and crossed all human tolerance limits.
Officials in Governments and administration are not, at present, tuned or prepared for providing justice to people for their vested interests are served through ongoing exploitation of people of the Nation. Common people by themselves have not been left with enough energy and struggling capability for fighting for justice for themselves. The situation calls for an organization of individuals with fighting spirit and social conscience for saving India from further decay.