Friday, July 29, 2016

What is 'Yoga' Truely

India has only a few days back celebrated Government sponsored International Yoga Day to impress upon people of the World importance of Yoga. But on display everywhere in the celebration was physical or mental exercises with pomp and show, which have nothing to do with true spirit of Yoga.
The word Yoga first appeared in a Vaidic scripture Shreemadbhagawadgeetaa' (popularly known as Geetaa) wherein Krishna preaches to Arjuna about Yoga on the battle field of Mahaabhaarata. The Poetess Lakshmee of the scripture has maintained that what is mentioned about Yoga in the scripture is what was preached to Arjuna by Yogeshwar Krishna. Hence, there can be no more authentic source for understanding spirit of Yoga.
In its Chapter 2, the scripture contains the under-given 6 verses about Yoga, whose meanings in English follow the poetic matter in Vaidic Sanskrita language -  

;ksxLFk% dq: dekZf.k laxa R;DRok /kuat;A fl);fl)k;ks% leks HkwRok leRoa ;ksx mP;rsAA 48AA
nwjs.k g~;oja deZ cqf);ksxk)uat;A cq)kS 'kj.kefUoPN d`i.kk% Qygsro%AA 49AA
cqf);qDrks tgkrhg mHks lqd`rnq"d`rsA rLek|ksxk; ;qToLo ;ksx% deZlq dkS'kye~AA 50AA
deZta cqf);qDrk fg Qya R;DRok euhf"k.k%A tUecU/kfofueqZDrk ina xPNUR;uke;e~AA 51AA
;nk rs eksgdfyya cqf)O;Zfrrfj";frA rnk xUrkfl fuosZna JksrO;L; JqrL; pAA 52AA
JqfrfoizfriUuk rs ;nk LFkkL;fr fu'pykA lek/kkopyk cqf)Lrnk ;ksxeokIL;flAA 53AA
Those established in Yoga perform leaving out consideration of earning money. What is to be achieved and the achiever becoming one, the unification is called Yoga. (48)
Those keep away from performing yet focus on earning money are foolish like Buddha's followers (monks), involving in ungratefulness for achieving their desired results. (49)
With application of mind, there is no need to consider whether a deed is easy or difficult to perform, but by fully involving in performance, which becomes the Yoga of combining skill with the performance. (50)
Those seeded with performance, such scholars leave out consideration of results with use of wisdom. Such persons achieve status of being free from bindings of their birth (with respect to 4 Varnas (classes) - Braahmana, Vaish, Kshatriya and Shudra) and go on performing without attaching their name or Varna (class) with the performance. (51)
When wisdom goes across play of attachment to a particular class, then the person loses sense of the source (inspiration for performing) and that flows out (performance) of it. (52)
Thus is achieved the state of Shruti which keeps the performer unwavering in the performance. In such a stable state, mind of the person is said to be involved in Yoga. (53)
Essence of these the most authentic statements on Yoga is that involving fully with performing on a task without any consideration of results is Yoga. This leads to skilful performance whatever be the nature of the task and class of the performer. In this state, termed Shruti, the mind of the performer is set in Yoga. Thus Yoga is neither a physical exercise nor a mental stillness, but doing an undertaken work, whatever it may be, with full dedication.