Sunday, February 28, 2016

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Seneca on How to Fortify Yourself Against Fear and Misfortune – Brain Pickings

Set aside a certain number of days, during which you shall be content with the scantiest and cheapest fare, with coarse and rough dress, saying to yourself the while: “Is this the condition that I feared?” It is precisely in times of immunity from care that the soul should toughen itself beforehand for occasions of greater stress, and it is while Fortune is kind that it should fortify itself against her violence. In days of peace the soldier performs maneuvers, throws up earthworks with no enemy in sight, and wearies himself by gratuitous toil, in order that he may be equal to unavoidable toil. If you would not have a man flinch when the crisis comes, train him before it comes.

Seneca on How to Fortify Yourself Against Fear and Misfortune – Brain Pickings:

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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Your Brain in Love

Love involves three distinct stages: lustattraction, and attachment. Each uses different pathways in the brain and is powered by a different combination of neurochemicals. (For more on how these chemicals operate, see “The Chemistry of Love,” page 67.)
Lust is relatively indiscriminate. As a neurochemical experience, it simply seeds a broad interest in finding a mate. Researchers believe it evolved to increase the pool of prospective partners; an overly picky species doesn’t fare well.
When you do eventually set your sights on a particular someone, you enter the attraction stage, and your energies become focused on that person.

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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Meditational Music

Meditational music is aimed at capturing mind of the audience, not to allow the mind to wander naturally. The minds is evolved to wander freely for probing the unknown. Hence, all innovations and new developments are due to wandering nature of the mind. Meditation, as preached by Spiritualists, aims at destroying wandering nature of the mind thus damaging its innovative capability. For this purpose, music used has continuity of sound tone. 

The mind processes information in digits through a network of neurons, hence it processes sound in pulses, and gets confused if confronted and blocked with continuity of sound tone, used in meditational music. This makes meditational music appearing strange to the mind. Its destructive effect is not realized, but it is there.

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