Friday, January 22, 2016

About Love, Hugs and Kisses

Love is a psycho-physical subject matter working at both levels of feelings in hearts of two persons for each other and fulfillment of physical needs of each other. Hugs and kisses are its physical dimensions and work as improvers in a relationship. A loving relationship remains incomplete and wanting without mutual hugs and kisses, while a sex-play is not that important. That is why even very senior persons keep on loving each other without sex-plays, but go for hugs and kisses for maintaining the relationship.

Online contacts through social media provide rich opportunity for coming into contacts of persons of varied cultures and backgrounds. Persons in contact may develop understanding about each other, check for their mutual suitability and compatibility, and initiate a loving relationship for maturing it through physical contacts, suitably.          


Taking a person in arms and setting them close to heart is called a 'hug', very popular in all forms of life, like an instinct. It amounts to exchange of body warmth and sensing of body frequency for creating resonance. For affecting a hug, the best way is to press boobs of the beloved between the two chests. The cushioning affect so sensed improves blood circulation in the two bodies, leading to improvement in wellness.


Word 'kiss' has been lightly taken by people in the western world, though they don't practice it like they use the word. A kiss is the most intimate contact of two persons having love for each other. It involves exchange of saliva of the two persons, which affect their feelings for each other. Saliva is the essence made by body from finest part of nutrition received by the body from food and other inputs. Its primary purpose is to keep the mouth cavity tissues moist, soft and flexible for their respective efficient performances in creating voice and facial expressions, and rejuvenating taste buds. Taste buds work as primary sensors of food attributes and signal the digestive system to get ready for accepting the food intake and digesting that. Thus, saliva is the prime necessity of body to get nutrition for its rejuvenation and tissue maintenance and repair functions. Exchange of saliva between two persons creates harmony of two bodies, hence is essential for developing and up-keeping a sweet relationship.

Lips are the primary instruments of affecting a kiss, for which the lips have evolved with a lot of flexibility and manipulation capability. Next organ used in a kiss is the tongue tip entering the other's mouth and caressing inner walls of the cavity to spread its own saliva and pick-up that of the beloved person. Saliva of the beloved is intoxicating to the person cultivating an urge for getting more of it. More the exchange of saliva between two lovers, deeper is the development of the relationship. It is noteworthy here that transfusion of blood from one person to another doesn't affect their relationship in any way, but a kiss does so through exchange of saliva.
This throws light on a loving relationship developed through online contacts between two persons located remotely with understanding each other. Completion of such a relationship takes place only when they meet, hug and kiss each other.

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