Friday, April 8, 2016

A Will from the Past to the Future via the Present

My dearest Grandson,
Since, you are yet to come into existence, I am leaving my long-cherished will with the present to be delivered to you on your coming into existence as a gift from a grand-father in due course of time. I wish that the present delivers it to you by just a medium of delivery without making any change in the script. This wish is in-spite of my knowledge about manipulative nature of the present for me having no other option to reach you. I think the contents of my letter to you would undergo some changes in-spite of my genuine wish for its delivery in its originality. Therefore, I request you to read 'in between the lines' of what is delivered to you in my name to get the spirit and leaving the litter.
My son 'present' is my creation, so I have no right to blame him for his misconduct, if any. I own full responsibility of what he is today - right or wrong. I had my own compulsions of omissions and commissions, in upbringing him to this level. After all, none of us - me the past, my son present and you the future, is free to do to our respective likings without circumstantial constraints. You would realize it when you enter into life.  
What I am sending to you is my experience to enable you to learn some lessons and gain knowledge out of it without having a first-hand experience. Learning from others' experiences has been an ever- great wisdom and would remain so for you too.


During my lifetime, my worst suffering has been from violence in the names of so-called merciful religions and gods. Imagine, what a great mental agony I would have suffered for this intrinsic contradiction of violence and mercy. Phantoms of religions and gods have been created and deep-rooted in human minds during my time for misguiding innocent and vulnerable people for pushing them into wars with each other through religious fanaticism. I failed in remedying this malady, and the present too seems to be failing in this. Now, it is only you who has the responsibility of curing the evil. I know it is a difficult work even for you, but still, please do your best.
I am proud to have a noble beginning of modernity in human life which has gradually deteriorated to insanity. This golden beginning of mine is preserved in scriptures under mysterious covers of religious fanaticism spread through them through misrepresenting their contents to generally ignorant and innocent people by the cunning religious preachers. While the fact remains that these scriptures have nothing to do with religions and their main concerns are human health and history.
The time gap of their creation to the present has deposited rust of changing languages and other human traits making their understanding difficult. I own full responsibility for this crime on the scriptures. You may undo the wrong with them through your sharp sword of logical creativity, leaving behind shades of me and the present over them. But there lies a hidden treasure in them for you to discover.


What I mean here by super-humanism is up-gradation of humans above the present level at any time. As compared to the humanity you inherited from the 'present', I had witnessed super-humanism in my golden past of human history when the greatest of humans so far - Theos and Acropols, managed affairs for humanity. The Gupta dynasty under the greatest of Theos - Vishnu Gupta Chanakya, too, rebuilt super-humanism after a downfall of humanism under reign of Mahapadmanand, an agent of Alexander of Macedonia. After that there has been a great degradation of human values for the rulers having no value for morality. People become what the rulers are and want them to be. The rulers I have been witnessing lately and you would be witnessing in your times would have their vested interests in a degraded humanity for ease of ruling and exploiting such people. But still, I hope restoration of super-humanity some day, some way.

Super-humanism is not a trait to be found in common people but only in a few selected people making a class of their own - within the common people but quite different from them. These don't make some distinct group but remain mixed the common people, but are easily distinguishable by their uncommon deeds. I hope you would have some such people in your times.   

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