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Reality of Hinduism in India

I was born in a so-called Hindu family, studied and pursued Engineering profession, worked as an Engineering Consultant and as an Author, researched through Vaidic scriptures to trace out real history of the land. Presently at 70, I am studying Vaidic Sanskrita and Aayurveda to find ways of extending human lifespan to above 200 years and practicing the researched prescriptions on myself with very positive results.
Historically, my family belong to Agrawals who came here from Athens (Greece) when our peace-loving democratic state, the first in the World, Acropolis was ruined and taken over by Philip, father of Alexander, under a plot hatched by Plato. On arrival here, we merged our identity into Deva community led by Vaidic scholarly Puru couples – Brahmaa and Saraswati, Raama and Seetaa, Vishnu and Lakshmee, along with Ganesha, Shaaradaa and Lakshamana. We worked together to develop the land into a Nation without any religious and so-called Godly strings hence hence followed what is now known as atheism. Word ‘atheism’ is a derivative of the word ‘theo’ which is the Latin word for ‘deva’ race.
Then came here religious people Yadus as preachers of Judaism (Yahoodee) religion, Assyrians, Yavans and Dorians to invade the land and establish their rule here after killing our scholars and warriors. The first Assyrian batch reaching the land was Shankar with a group of women on buffalo backs. He sold the women to local lords, established himself as Aadishankaraachaarya, designed now-called modern Sanskrita language, distorted and misinterpretted Vaidic scriptures in modern Sanskrita, and became religious leader of Dorians (Dravidas) reaching the land as Alexander’s soldiers. He established Sanaatana Dharma.
Yadus, Yavans and Dorians used to kidnap, rape and abandon local women, thus producing a huge number of illegitimate children on the land. These were guided to pursue professions of beggars, astrologers, domestic cooks, religious preachers, and performers of religious rites, etc in dull-saffron dresses. Later, Judaism and Sanaatana Dharma were merged under banner of Hinduism and the society was divided into four sections (varnas) – saffron-robed as Braahmana, militants as Kshatriya, businesspersons as Vashya and local residents as Shudra and other poor classes. Opponents of this system were totured and killed by this first invasion of Hinduism on the land. Under fear, many adopted Hinduism under duress.  
During the Hindu invasion, Vishnu and Ganesha went underground for reappearing later as Vishnu Gupta Chaanakya and Chitra Gupta, respectively, and established rule of Gupta dynasty with Vishnu’s son Chandra Gupta Maurya as the Emperor. India became The Golden Bird of the World under Gupta’s rule of about 400 years.
After this until the first Islamic invasion in about 900 AD, India had been under rule of innumerous sectoral kings who forced the whole population into Hinduism. Muslims ruled the land in parts for about 800 years while remaining parts had been under rules of various Hindu kings. These rulers were thrown out of power by British who ruled the land until 1947 with heavy hands but developed some systems under their governance.
Indian National Congress took over reigns of power from British without even knowing how to govern the huge Nation. A haphazard Constitution was framed and applied in 1950 which doesn’t represent people’s aspirations and expectations. This Constitution though prescribes secularism for the governance but has miserably failed in making India a secular State. Every political leader of independent India has been carrying a tag of some religion, caste or even a family, against which the Constitution provides no remedy. At present, India is being ruled by Hindu fanatics, which has proved itself more destructive to common Indians than even Islamic fanatics and British empiricists.
Thus, the majority of Indian population seems to be of Hindus, but all these persons are not Hindus truly. Yes, Braahmans and Kshatriyas have been truly Hindus for their vested interests of ruling the land and reaping richness without working for it. Vaishyas, Kaayasthas and Goldsmiths belong to Deva community without tag of any religion, hence are not Hindus. Dozens of castes marked as Shudras by Braahmans have been the worst sufferers under Hinduism for their subhumanly treatment by other Hindus. They never adopted Hinduism willingly and are the first to revolt against Hinduism under inspiration from Dr Bheemarao Ambedkar. Some other local residents now marked as Lodhas, Gurjars, Maalis, etc have been producers of wealth in their fields. These castes and all sorts of craftspersons whose work has been exploited by two upper classes of Hindus too have never been willing Hindus.
Hindu classification of society into four varnas is distorted version of Vaidic prescription in this regard spelled in Manusmriti which prescribes the four professions to be chosen by individuals based on their personal capabilities and choice while the Hindu prescription provides for imposition of one’s profession based on their parents’ profession. This provision also says in numerous ways that a Brahman would always remain revered even after committing some crime, but a person from any other class won’t be revered whatever capabilities they may acquire. Recently, Maharshi Mahesh was the second in command of Jyotirmatha but was not appointed its Shankaraachaarya on death of the the then Shankaraachaarya for he coming from a Kayastha caste. A Braahman was searched and appointed Shankaraachaarya of Jyotimatha, one of the four highest religious bodies of Hinduism established by Aadishankaraachaarya in four corners of the land.
Hindu classification divides the society into two major sections – non-productive and productive. Braahman and Kshatriya belong to the non-productive section to be the supreme guide of the society, and to rule over the people through their militant strength, respectively. Productive section consists of Vaishya in control of trade, agriculture and cattle-breeding while the Shudra and other local castes and tribe would provide workforce to Vaishya community. In real terms, the lowest class people are there to create wealth through their work while Vaishya community manages the creation of the wealth. Braahman and Kshatriya are not supposed to do any productive work but enjoy their lavish lifestyles on wealth created by the other section.
Since imperial days are gone forever from the World, no religion can be forced on any person. Hence only the willing Hindus belonging to Braahman and Kshatriya factions of the society remain Hindus with all others stepping out of Hinduism to avoid their exploitation by the Hindu supremos.
Present Hindu governments at Center and in many States carries an agenda for reestablishing the above-said classification of society and make India a Hindu nation wherein non-Hindus would be converted to Hindus or ejected out of the land. Under Hinduism, majority of population would be treated as Shudras for serving Braahmans and Kshatriyas, as has been the tradition of Hinduism. This is going a boomarang earlier than expected by any estimate that would be devastating for the nation.      

Present political leaders in power forget that Shudras along with some other backward classes of India are the real sons of the soil while all others, particularly so-called superior classes of Hindus, have arrived here from foreign lands. Hence, Hindus have no right ti impose Hinduism on all the people of the land. Nobody would ever like to be a Hindu for being treated like a Shudra.  

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