Tuesday, May 12, 2015

6 Elements of Harmonious Living

Every moment of your life is precious because you get it only once and it passes on whether you misuse it, disuse it or make the best out of it. Purpose of living a moment, every moment should be getting a happy feel. There are only 6 elements of living which are indispensable for each and every human-being. And, mind their order of priority as provided by their placements below.
Beware, the 6 subheads below may sound well-known to you through noises all around from vested interests to drive you crazy and loosen your purse for them, but the senses I attach to them are different from what you may be knowing. So, please check out precisely through the details.

Your Inspirations

Forces in the form of persons, nature and wherever you put your faith on are your inspirations like the air you breathe in every moment of your life. They are the sources of your spiritual strength you need every moment of your life. But these sources may be misguiding you too, if you have not chosen them by yourself but gone by advices of others, your routine education, or as told to you by your parents and social contacts. Religion is such a mischievous guide often thought to be an inspiring force.
Your parents must be the first and foremost inspirations for you but not their advices on other inspirations. Problem of modern parents is that either they are too busy to be too good, or too misguided to be too bad to you. Respect them as your parents, but judge their ways of life lest these corrupt your life too.
What is not realizable by you through your intellect and wisdom of your sensory organs can't be an effective inspiration to you. The best inspiration is one that moves with you every moment of your life and inspires you at your pace. Some books may pass this test, so are their authors - living or dead.
Some people opine that a spiritual guru is a must for uplifting force of life. This is sheer nonsense. If you need a real guru, go to your primary school teacher or someone like him - the greatest one to inspire you so far. For final guidance in this matter, ask your own spirit of life and none else.  

Your Spirit  

Apart from owning the physical persona, you are a spirit composed of your wisdom and intellect, built on your instincts, education and experiences so far. Your self-esteem, self-confidence, value system, etc are important attributes of your spirit. Respect these and keep these beyond bargains of your routine and commercial life.
Your spirit is your guide every moment of your life, particularly in moments of distress and excitements.    

Your Persona

Basically your health is your persona but it extends beyond that to what is usually known as your personality that includes everything in you including your spirit of life, discussed above. It is built through breathing in clean air, intakes of healthy food, body-care for protection from climatic extremities through clothing and shelter, physical hurts, etc and regular physical movements of your organs - for productive work, a creative endeavor or an exercise. Better use your physical movements for productive purposes and for saving yourself from paying for others services to you. Better be self-reliant as far as possible.
Your mental health is an important part of your persona as it is that of your spirit. It is ultimately determined by the concepts of life you pursue in your routines, relationships and profession. Being crazy, having a craving, getting excited or distressed often, etc are indicators of bad mental health. Some people consider a good memory as an indicator of mental health which I beg to differ seriously. In my view, it is immaterial what you forget but what you remember is important as an indicator of your mental health.
Outcomes of a healthy persona are your feeling healthy every moment, your impressive looks, and your sensuality for healthy relationships with your chosen persons. Never mind if you are not accommodative to everyone for your family and social relationships. None is made to accommodate all.   

Your Relationships

Each one of us has relationships, or is expected to have, in four sectors - with the self, within the family, within one's society, and with professional colleagues, superiors and subordinates. Anybody failing in having a sweet relationship with the self would fail in making any relationship of some value. Loving your own values is the criterion of relating to the self.
It is better to have good relationship with everyone coming in contact, but it is the best to take care of your value system through your relationships too. So, don't worry if you are at variance with some persons in your contacts.
Again, it is not important whom you drop from developing sweet relationships, but it is critical whom you keep in contacts. Ultimately, you are known by the company you keep. So, don't tarnish your image by pleasing everyone, be your real self in developing relationships.  

Your Aspirations

Etymologically as well as in practice, aspirations are set just opposite to inspirations - former for influencing the external world and the latter for getting influenced by the external world. Human life has a purpose of coming into existence and living for a long period of time for is intellectual evolution.
Every work has an intellectual value in it, respect it, enhance it and continue with it. This makes every moment of life a moment of intellectualism. So, live purposefully every moment - at home, at work and even during a relaxation. Set your goals on long term, medium term, short term and even for every momentary step of your life and move on with them.  

Your Economy

Human life has evolved differently from natural way of living, hence has economic considerations at every moment of it. Take care of your personal economy through working productively enough for a living and support to the family. But don't nullify yourself with the productivity syndrome - keep on working for wealth losing health and other pleasures of living. Keep a balance between personal, working, family and social life. For an average person, recommended durations are 12, 6, 4 and 2 hours, respectively, on an average in a day for a happy and contented lifestyle.    

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