Monday, May 25, 2015

Why nobody Truly Knows Anybody Else

We work under presumptions of knowing other persons in our contacts, but individuality of each of us is too complex to be understood by anybody else. If mutual knowing of two persons were possible, there would remain no possibility of misunderstanding between them. Since we often notice misunderstandings and disputes among persons familiar to each other, we may safely infer that the two persons were not knowing each other. Not only that, even most of the persons fail in knowing themselves that is why they take wrong decisions about matters fully under their own control. Most of the sicknesses among humanity are results of this misunderstanding of the self.

Dimensions of an Individual

A person's existence gets expressive in three dimensions - physical, mental and intellectual through the three organs body, mind and brain, respectively. A living body is a passive organic system having many subsystems interwoven and supportive of each other functionally. It functions under partial control of the mind, and the body and the mind combination functions under overall control of the brain. Thus, the brain is the supreme commander of an individual.
From practical experiences, we know that even supreme commanders fail in exercising full control over their domains with the result that elements of domains become undisciplined and even revolt occasionally against their supreme commanders. Similar is the situation with the command line of the body, mind and brain.

Reason for Indiscipline

Like the practical life incidences, the command line fails for control of the supreme commander being indirect with a hierarchy of mediators in between the ultimate domain and the supreme commander. In case of an individual, the mind is the mediator between the body and the brain which plays its own tricks in between to gain more authority over the body. Tricks of the mind are termed as wisdom of the individual, which gets played often in conflict with the intellect of the person.

Wisdom and Intellect Conflict

Wisdom of an individual is applied with sole purpose of getting things done for the body in accordance of her wishes which may not be appropriate always for the negative human traits raising their heads through the body. All crimes by humans are committed for these negative traits with full support of the individual's mind and justified by the wisdom of the self. For this reason, each criminal tries to justify his/her committed crime. Wisdom doesn't have analytical power but is merely empowered to get the desired results by hook or crook.
On the contrary, the intellect, function of the brain, with its faculties of memorizing studied and experiential information, logical reasoning, and imaginative extrapolation of information through application of logic is capable of judging right from wrong, if properly applied to a problem. But for the complexity of body and mind functions, it is impossible for the intellect to keep watch on everything under its overall command. It relies on the wisdom standing in between with the instruction of referring any matter to it whenever needed. Another reason for the limitation of the intellect is its being mono-tasking, while a multitude of processes keep ongoing every moment in the body of an individual. So, relying on wisdom is a compulsion of the intellect.

The Societal Scenario

For the reason explained above, an individual can truly know another individual through application of one's intellect only. Since, the intellect remains burdened with a huge workload all the time, the wisdom is empowered to know the person which plays its tricks for own vested interests. In the process, the other person is not understood well but presumed to be understood. Since the matter is not referred to the brain by the mind under the presumption, the brain doesn't get involved in the matter leaving it to the mind.

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